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What is IAHDB

The IAHDB is an internationally recognized quality standard model for schools, colleges, online universities and education providers. IAHDB goal is to bring independent information to the education system, from school to universities, providing its international accreditation as a well-defined benchmarking tool.

The IAHDB  an international leading institution allows unconditional operability in a system of impartial self-regulation according to the most modern educational evaluation systems. Our institutional verification programs are non-governmental higher validations within the constitutional freedom to evaluate organizations.

As a result, institutions are examined through pragmatic and concrete approach; flexibility to each operational reality actualizes in Points Profile Score assignment to every specific educational, administrative and management areas. The Points Profile Score meets the international standards requirements.

IAHDB  accreditation allows students to make conscious choices. At the same time, it helps schools, colleges, universities, distance learning or educational service providers to demonstrate high quality to the international community.


IAHDB  accreditation proves that the institution operating standards have been voluntarily and rigorously tested. Our international accreditation enables students to obtain a realistic picture of the accredited institution in terms of quality, resources, student support and ethics.

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