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Whether you are a traditional, a distance or online university, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Skill based Training Organizations, Online and Distance Education Providers. etc...

IAHDB International University Accreditation is specifically designed for you. It proves your commitment to implement global standards quality education. Nowadays, university accreditation is relevant for students, faculties and administrative staff. 

Students usually prefer to enrol in accredited Universities/Educational Institutions because of their quality and international programs. An accredited Universities/Educational Institutions proves to have great functioning, well known and remarkable faculties, extensive facilities for learning experience improvement and international standards fulfilment in case of distance learning institutions. Similarly, employers and organizations from all over the world prefer to recruit candidates who graduated in accredited Universities/Educational Institutions, either non-formal or traditional.

IAHDB accreditation process consists in a detailed and extensive examination of the institution. Several factors will be evaluated: overall campus organization or online course delivery system (in case of distance learning institutions); resources available to staff and management; teaching materials delivery; student’s welfare; qualifications and degrees offered; marketing and student recruitment procedures.

IAHDB grants international Universities/Educational Institutions accreditation assessing general Universities/Educational Institutions parameters. In particular, it rigorously investigates 5 main standard areas linked to best institution management:

1. Academic Quality and Moral Integrity

2. Teaching Staff Qualification

3. Delivery of Study Programs

4. Student Services

5. Website Design and Performance

Each area will be assessed when deciding whether or not to grant accreditation.

Accreditation Fees: 300USD for 1 Year Duration for Accreditation Grants on Fees please email us on

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